Content Marketing Experts Increasingly Emphasize the Importance of Generating Links

Content is still king in the sphere of digital marketing, but this is not to say that the way to the throne is always obvious. Many companies have experimented with content marketing without much success, and wasting an investment for nothing never feels enjoyable. At the same time, the field has become mature enough that certain tactics have proved their worth. As those who view Jim Tsokanos on Twitter will have seen in a recent tweet, a little bit of focused thinking can produce real content marketing results.

One important tip is that focusing on the nature of the content to be produced matters more than might be supposed. In some cases, content marketing initiatives seem to be heading in the right direction, but without the desired results ever materializing. While it will be generally be a positive thing to publish a piece of content that attracts likes, views, and comments, that will not always be enough.

In many such cases, what matters more is studying whether popular pieces actually produce any inbound links. Links from high quality, highly regard sites remain the top indicator of another website’s own worthiness. While the traffic that a popular piece of content produces can be valuable in its own right, its enduring impact will typically be minimal. It is through the generation of long-lasting links that content marketing reveals its greatest power, as organic search engine traffic will thereafter flow for months or years to come.

Beyond simply looking at what kinds of content are popular, marketers should therefore be focusing in on those that produce the most links. While there will generally be some overlap to be found, there can also be a surprising amount of disconnect. A piece that generates many social shares and plenty of traffic because of its pithiness, for example, might not generate many links from sites with much authority. Likewise could an original, research-heavy piece of content pull in valuable links without necessarily building much buzz on social media. Recognizing that the most effective content marketing will need to produce links as part of its effect will often mean looking into such matters more deeply.

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