How My Grandmother Living in Another State Found Me the Best Apartment Ever

So, what’s the likelihood you would ever in a million years take apartment-finding advice from your grandmother? Yeah, I was kind of thinking that myself. I was only half listening when she called me to tell me to go take a look online at the Regency at Outlook Canyon. My grandmother is in a senior apartment several states away and was calling to tell me where I should look for an apartment here in Texas. I didn’t even know where Outlook Canyon was at, but I told here I would take a look. I forgot about it until she texted me the next day and asked me if I had looked.

Well, you know how that goes. You delay your text response so you can take a quick look and then give your answer. I looked up the Regency at Outlook Canyon and found that there are Regency apartments at Lookout Canyon. I know where that is at as it is closer to where I work. So, I clicked on the link and took a closer look at the apartments. I was actually kind of liking them when I got another text from my grandmother telling me that she meant to say “Lookout Canyon,” so I did have the right place. They have apartments where you can have a fireplace, and that was enough for me to have to take a drive over and look. I was not happy living above my uncle’s garage after the the landlord of the house I rented decided he wanted to renovate it for his son.

It was my day off, so I took a drive over to the Regency on Overlook Parkway in Lookout Canyon in the San Antonio, Texas area. Grandma has an iPhone, so I turned on Facetime for her to see the place with me. She was thrilled and told me she would move there in a heartbeat. The place was really nice, and I could afford the rent. It was cheaper than the house I had been renting, and it had a whole lot more in the way of really nice amenities. I never expected my elderly grandmother to find me an apartment, but she did.