I Am Learning a Lot About Our Political System

Before Trump was elected president, I really did not follow politics very much. I can tell you a few things about Obama’s administration, but that is about it. That is because I trusted him, and I did not feel I had to concern myself with things that I couldn’t change anyway. When Trump was elected though, I knew that I had to become more involved, at least in the knowledge part of things. I started reading more about the United States as well as the latest Trump news, and I discovered something very interesting.

I was actually having fun! I had no idea that politics could be so entertaining as well as important, but that is because I never threw myself out there to learn what I could about it. I was not so sure that his idea of building a wall was the right one, and I was also on the fence about the health insurance plans he had made known. I knew the only way I could have a fair opinion was to have as much information as I could, which is why I wanted to learn. Finding the right website to do this on was just the icing on the cake.

The site I found had so much good information on it. What makes this site so different than other news sites is that it does not have any junk on it. I might not agree with some of the articles that I read on it, but I at least know that I am getting the facts and not junk. This site takes only the best articles, and it is constantly being updated so the newest and most important news stories about President Trump are first. This site is one of the reasons why I love learning so much more about our political system here in America!