Only Mental Exercises for Now

Whenever I go to the gym, the first place I head to is the rock climbing wall. I started climbing back in college and instantly fell in love with it. It’s a great workout, and in a way it’s relaxing because you can move at your own pace. I had a bit of a back injury from climbing one day, and the Concord chiropractors told me that a couple of weeks would be required for me to heal, but after that, I should be back to my old self. A couple of weeks without doing any kind of climbing sounded like hell to me.

I couldn’t even go to the gym, because I would always think about climbing. There was also the fact that I couldn’t do any exercise anyway because my back wasn’t fully healed. I just drove past the gym and went home every day. I would watch videos online about people doing different climbing techniques and it made me anxious, so I started doing other things to take my mind off of climbing and my back trouble. I went through all of the rubik’s cubes in my home and solved them, even the ones that had more than three rows and columns.

Once the cubes were solved, I moved on to those giant jigsaw puzzles that I had collected over the years. I bought them because I liked the pictures on them, and thought it would be a nice time waster, but I never did start them because I would always go climbing and not have enough time to dedicate to them. I got a pretty great mental workout out of these activities, and realized that I had been missing out on some good fun. I made a promise to myself that I would find a better balance between climbing and other activities.