Insurance May Not Pay for Your Tree

We had to find tree removal in Nassau County that would service our house because of the tree that fell down in the storm the night before. I was talking to my friend on the phone and I heard her say that she was going to look outside at the wind and I heard it, a loud thud. I went outside to look at the damage but I didn’t have to, the entire tree took out the side of my house and I was getting rained on! I was just in that room about an hour earlier and I thought that staying in the back side of the house would be better because we didn’t have any big trees that could reach the back of the house. My friends were telling me that I was smart to go in the back so I was happy when they agreed with me that I should move. I don’t always know the best ideas for this type of situation.

I called my insurance company and I told them what happened. They told me that they may not cover it because it may be considered an act of God. I told them that I understood and that it was going to be dependent on the type of tree and what it looked like. I was in complete shock to know that my own insurance company, the people that I paid a lot of money to each year, would try to tell me that they are not going to be helping me pay for my house. I was really sad to know this and I waited for the person to get there to look at the tree. I was really glad when they told me that I was going to be covered for everything that I was out.